The First Photoshoot

Grace with butcher's Apron

Grace Macri

After several weeks of planning, we have started work on the photography for Grace’s cook book.

Our first session with photographer, Christine Finlay, was a real hit and we now have an even deeper appreciation for Grace’s tremendous expertise and experience as a hostess and as a butcher.

The Cookbook which will feature a special section on knives – storage, safety, sharpening; cuts of meat – how to choose them and the best way to store them; and Grace’s 8 winning meal and entertainment plans is bound to be a hit with anyone who wants to know how to cook affordable, easy to prepare meals and present them in a way that will turn heads without breaking the budget!

“The way a person presents a meal says a lot about their character,” reveals Grace. “I want people to enjoy cooking and when they see how easy it is to prepare and present food with style, I know they are going to say, ‘I can do that’ because I’ve seen it time and again from the cooking classes I have presented.  People just go away empowered and they make amazing things that they never thought they could,” finishes Grace.

Hayley Solich

Hayley Solich, Editor of Finally at 40 Life Begins Magazine

“Grace’s rack of lamb is to die for,” says Hayley Solich, Editor of Finally at 40 Life Begins magazine.  “I first experienced it when Grace hosted my husband and I for our 10th wedding anniversary.  It was mouthwateringly delicious and just fell off the bone.  The photoshoot was no different and the array of food was eye boggling.  Plus I learned just how easy it is to do some of this.  As Grace says, ‘it’s all in the presentation’.  I learned how the chefs make their plates look spectacular just by using some dipping chocolate and adding a sprig of parsley here and there.  Great food, simple to do and Grace truly is a master of simple elegance.”

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