Food, Glorious Food!

We are now six weeks into the production phase of creating Grace’s first cookbook, “The Butcher who Bakes”.

Unlike any other cookbook on the market, Grace’s cookbook will contain a few surprises that are guaranteed to get your mouth watering and also have you going, “Oh, that’s how you do that!”

Suffice to say, we will be presenting you with all the tools necessary for you to know what knives to buy and how to look after them, what cuts of meat to buy and how best to cook them, and how to put together a fabulous table setting.

Grace sincerely is the Butcher who Bakes but she’s also the Butcher that Entertains and is going to be sharing over 35 years of secrets gleaned from entertaining thousands of friends and business associates around her table.

Anyone who has ever been to Grace’s table knows what an absolute privilege it is to dine with her and nobody ever leaves empty-handed. ¬†Usually, they waddle out with plastic containers of food loaded up under each arm.

Grace says the secret to great food is to cook with love.  If you think about the person you are cooking for it will show through in your food.

More soon…


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