Can You Create A Restaurant Feel At Home?

Grace's Baked Figs

Grace's Baked Figs

“A Restaurant Feel At Home?  I’m Not a Chef You Know…”

In The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace shows us how to create a restaurant feel in your own home by using some easy presentation ideas that will have your guests thinking that you have been cooking for days.

Some of the things she covers is how to create those beautiful looking desserts that have the chocolate swirls, the icing sugar dusting and the syrups that make it all look and taste so delicious.

Then there is the overall appeal of the table, where she covers how important levels are in the presentation of your food and goes into great detail to explain how to create the different levels.

Publisher, Hayley Solich’s Experience at Grace’s Home:

I remember being hosted by Grace for my wedding anniversary.  Grace had invited my husband and I to come and stay overnight in her upstairs guest room.  Well I have to say how delighted we were from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.  It sincerely was like staying in a five star hotel.  Firstly, when we arrived the table was laid so beautifully…serviettes, placemates, unusually shaped bowls and plates (all white but creatively mix and matched), lovely fruit cocktails that were colourful to greet us and a three course meal to die for!

The food was seamless…no sooner had we finished one course than the next appeared.  I marvelled that a woman who is as busy as Grace could prepare all this food for us.

Then there was the spa room…beautifully candle-lit, with a tray of fruit cut up in bite sized pieces, with more fruit cocktails and heart shaped chocolates.

Then there was the upstairs guest room, with it’s beautiful towels, bathrobes, slippers and gifts waiting for us.  The heart chocolates and flowers were so beautiful.

What I learned through this one night at Grace’s house will stay with me for a lifetime.  When you take the time and effort to do a few small things…like having towels laid out on the bed or the table laid so beautifully, it really does send a message to your guest about how you feel about them.

However, it wasn’t until I started working on the book with Grace that I realised how she is able to do this.  It  is because she makes the most of pre-packaged foods that don’t compromise on nutrition, taste or presentation.  I sincerely could not have told the difference if I hadn’t been told because the food looked and tasted sensational.

In The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace shares the knowledge acquired through 35 years of hosting people, of cooking for them and catering.  There is so much wisdom to be learned from this book and already many are saying to me, “How clever.  I never thought of that.”

Purchase your copy now…a great Christmas or birthday gift…available in soft or hard cover.


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