Do you know how to get really tender meat in your casseroles?

Grace's Rabbit Casserole

Grace's Rabbit Casserole, as seen in The Butcher Who Bakes

Well this is one of the first questions I put to Grace when we started discussing meats.  After all, I’m notorious for cooking casseroles with meat that tastes like leather!  Just ask my kids…no ask my hubby, cause he’s the one that snubs my casseroles when they are tough.

So this is what Grace had to say about cooking your beef so that it stays tender…

1.  Grace always coats the meat in flour.  She uses a plastic bag, adds in the flour and a little seasoning, then the meat and gives the bag and meat a bit of a shake, rattle and roll.

2.  She cooks her meat first on a high temp, sealing in the goodness.

3.  Then she reduces the heat and then adds in the vegetables and finally the moisture (stock etc).

So when it was time for me to make a casserole I followed Grace’s advice and I have to say it made a HUGE difference to the end product.

So next time you are cooking a casserole, try Grace’s ideas out.  I’d love to see a pic of the final product or hear about your results.  If you send us a pic I promise I’ll post it on the website and also on our Facebook Business page or better still, why don’t you pop over to Facebook and post us a pic on our wall. :)

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