The dilemma…Do it yourself from scratch or buy ingredients that are pre-made?

“A recognised food professional who advocates purchasing pre-made products?  Can this be true?”

Canon Meatballs, Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Rice and Pre-Cooked Rice

Canon Meatballs, Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Rice and Pre-Cooked Rice

With all the positive health messages out there that trash fast food, it is no wonder that the general public might be confused about whether it is best to cook food from scratch or if it is okay to use pre-packaged foods.  After all, is it cheating to serve up a pre-packaged meal to your guests?

Grace Maiolo is a qualified butcher who has been working in the trade for over 40 years and has over 35 years of entertaining experiece.  Grace caters for weddings, business functions, funerals and family/friends functions as well, so has prepared thousands of meals for guests of all different levels of society.

In her book, The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace advocates for the use of “local, fresh, pre-made nutritious products” where you are time challenged or daunted by the prospect of starting from scratch.

No doubt this stance will raise eyebrows with food critics and experts who are on the all-natural is best train.  But according to Grace, unless we encourage our young people to start preparing food in their own kitchens we will not convince them to make the break from fast food options that are super quick and loaded with fats and sugars.  We need to provide them with quick and easy recipes that build their confidence and encourage them to entertain at home.

Grace’s philosophy is that if you can teach young people how to entertain with style, encouraging them to look for easy options that don’t compromise on the look and taste of the end product and are economical, helping them to build their confidence, you are going to build a love of cooking in them that will lead to them experimenting with food.  And once they start experimenting with food, the prospect of trying something from scratch will not be as daunting.

The Butcher Who Bakes is the quintessential guide to entertaining and contains recipes that do use pre-made products that are tried and tested where practical.  It is designed specifically for the time poor or inexperienced cook with the goal of helping to show them how easy it is to entertain with style.  It also demonstrates how easy it is to plate your food so that it has that restaurant feel.

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