Grace’s Semi-boneless Chicken Recipe featured in Golden Pen Magazine

Golden Pen Magazine May IssueGrace is very proud to have her recipe included in the latest issue of Golden Pen Magazine.

Other articles featured in Golden Pen’s May issue include:

* Stolen – An interview with Anuradha Koirala from Maiti Nepal, an organisation that rescues and restores women and children who are victims of Human Trafficking (sex slaves) and Domestic Violence.  $2 from the sale of each copy is being donated to Maiti Nepal to support the work in Nepal.

Solving the Justice Puzzle – An interview with Priscilla Collins, Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2011 (Community) and the CEO of NAAJA (North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency) where Golden Pen discovered first hand the plight of the Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory who are becoming victims of the justice system.  Priscilla doesn’t pull her punches in this all revealed, no bars held, article and she is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to make recommendations about how it could be done better.

* Painting Saved Me – Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich MP bares her soul and reveals the role painting played in maintaining her mental health as a politician.

Less is More – Interior Stylist, Karen Creith, reveals why less is more.

Hanging Out:  The Sad Face of Addiction – Pharmacist, Sue Crawford, explains the dangers of over the counter codeine based medications due to their addictive qualities.

A Strange Democracy – Nathan Quigley tackles the current political climate.

* Was Democracy a good God idea? – Hayley and Andrew Solich trace democracy back to it’s roots and Celebrity Apprentice’s Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickerson is quoted in this article, as he gave a timely commentary about the best form of government during the show in 4 May, 2012.

Playing a Bigger Game – Award winning business woman, Meredith Collins, reveals the woman behind the video marketing business.

The Unwitty Entrepreneur – Janene Samuel, creator of the Game Tag Ninetendo DS accessory talks patents and the lifestyle change experienced when inventing a new product and getting that product to market.

 Time:  Is it Your Friend or Enemy? – Hayley Solich examines the issue of limited time.

* Confessions of a Shopaholic – Jill Chivers bears her soul about her journey out of addiction to shopping.

* Change your Food Change Your Life – Dr Maya Nahra prepares us for lifestyle change.

* Nourishing Your Mind Part 2 – Dr Jenny Brockis continues her unveiling of the perfect road map for brain fitness.

How Simple is Too Simple? – Debbie Ducic asks us some hard and deep questions about the future and what it might look like.

* Are You Drowning in a Sea of Stuff? – Sara Hall gives us some tips on how to start to take charge of your home and get ordered.

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