Another great recipe from Grace – Stuffed Baked Capsicums

Grace shows us how to make baked capsicums. This recipe is in The Butcher Who Bakes.

The Butcher Who Bakes Cookbook – Soft Cover
The Butcher Who Bakes – Hard Cover

Meet The Butcher Who Bakes – Aurora Foxtel – The Couch Program

Grace Maiolo was a special guest on The Couch, interviewed by Fred, where she shared three of her favourite recipes, Jappy Beef, Trifle and Berries & Crepes.

Check out the video now.

Get your copy of The Butcher Who Bakes now…

The Butcher Who Bakes Cookbook – Soft Cover
The Butcher Who Bakes – Hard Cover

Are you going to the Royal Show in Perth?

If you are down at the Perth Royal Show then why not pop past the IGA Fresh Provisions Pavillion and grab your copy of The Butcher Who Bakes and get a signed copy from Grace?

Grace will be in attendance most days between 11:00am and 2:30pm.

You can also see Grace in action as she does some cooking demonstrations and judges the apprentices.

Map of the Show



How to create Rockmelon Alla Grace with The Butcher Who Bakes

Grace demonstrates how to prepare your rockmelon as a fabulous, fresh dessert that cleanses the palate.

Grace Changed How I Looked at Entertaining…Testimonial from June Kelly

June Kelly

June Kelly at the Book Launch

June Kelly is the Principal of  G J Impressions Real Estate company and met Grace in 2010.  June wanted to share the inspiration and impact Grace has had on her life.

“When I first met Grace I was blown away.  My friend, Hayley, took me to meet Grace for lunch in her home and what inspired me about our meeting was Grace’s passion for presentation and using layering to make her table look amazing,” says June Kelly.

“Firstly, it was visual.  I was taken by the visual presentation and Grace just made it all sound so easy. She showed me how she laid the table and how she achieved the look using layering and I realised that it actually was quite simple and something that I could do myself and that it really was all in the presentation.

“The feeling I got when I first met Grace was of real warmth and because of that I wanted to create that same warmth with the people around me.  It so inspired me that I started looking at cookbooks and shopping for the kinds of things that I had seen Grace use – lots of white dishes in all shapes and sizes, with the odd coloured item thrown in.  And I started to do it in my own home.

“One night I had a friend come over.  I had just finished cooking a fruit cake.  So when I cut up the cake, popped it on a plate with some cream on the side, a serviette and brought through a pot of tea, my friend commented, “I’ve never felt so nurtured.”

“I had not intentionally set out to nurture her or to make her feel special.  It was that I was imitating what I had seen with Grace and she noticed and interpreted that as a higher level of care for her.  It actually had taken me no more time than if I’d slopped some tea in a cup and plopped it down in front of her, but the difference was huge.

“On other occasions I have used the same level of thinking, “It’s all in the presentation” as I learned from Grace, and people have all commented on the look of the food and how much time it had taken me.  I’ve used wooden cutting boards to present food instead of traditional plates and have started to experiment with different textures on which to place the food to get the best effect.

“Sincerely, Grace changed my whole perception of entertainng and I have implemented the ideas that I learned from Grace and had the same reaction that she said she gets from her guests.  I cannot believe that people can be so touched and so moved by the little bit extra in presentation that realistically takes no extra time to do.

“I think what it was for me is that I changed my thinking about what I was doing and it became a message of love to my guests instead of a chore I was doing for them.  It was an expression of  love that was visual and because it was created visually it has made it more tangible and brought it to life and they have connected with that.

“When you present the food in that way people are touched and they don’t even think about the taste of the food because you have already won them.

“People have really commented about the changes in me and they love being in my space now.  It has really unlocked something very creative and nurturing, as that is not a word I would usually use to describe myself, and I am loving it.

“I am loving having Grace’s book because there are so many great ideas included.  My advice to anyone who reads this is that they go get a copy.  Grace is truly inspirational and you will learn so much from her,” says June Kelly.

June has supplied us with some images of the dishes she has purchased since meeting Grace so you can see how Grace has influenced her entertaining choices.





Get Your Copy of The Butcher Who Bakes – Special Launch Week Price ends Sunday Midnight!



Are you looking for a Christmas or birthday gift that will help your TIME POOR or INEXPERIENCED friend or relative learn how to be a SMART COOK and ENTERTAIN AT HOME IN STYLE?


Or maybe you just want to know more about the BASICS OF COOKING, like how to choose the RIGHT KNIFE FOR THE JOB or perhaps the RIGHT MEAT CUT?

The Butcher Who Bakes is a 136 page smart cooking guide to entertaining with style in your own home that will help you learn how to get that restaurant feel.

“It seriously is all in the presentation,” says Grace. “If your food looks good then you are half way there!  Food that looks good we have an expecation will also taste good.”

Written by Grace Maiolo, a butcher and entertainer with over 35 years of entertaining experience, both socially and professionally, and 40 years in her trade, The Butcher Who Bakes, truly is the quintessential guide to entertaining and reveals many of Grace’s trade secrets and entertaining shortcuts.  That’s a lot of wisdom to grace 136 pages of content, including fantastic step-by-step images.

“I love to use pre-made, tasty, locally produce ingredients,” shares Grace.  “If you can find a product that is tasy and good quality, then why not save time by using pre-made ingredients.   This is just smart cooking and when we are all so time poor, a little time saved can make a big difference, plus it can take some of the stress out of the whole entertaining at home concept.”

Special bonus knife care and meat selections section, which teaches which knife is best for which job and which cut of meat is best for which type of cooking.


“Grace turned me from being a toast man into a being a three-course Sunday roast man who drew plaudits from the family and friends.  If she can do it for me, she can do it for you too.” – Bob Maumill, Radio Announcer, 6PR Radio.


“Grace is definitely the hostess with the mostest and her philosophy for cooking is simple…great food that is easy to make, tastes fabulous and looks sensational,” says publisher, Hayley Solich.

“Being a butcher, you will love Grace’s butchers tips throughout the cookbook, whether it is how to spot a great cut of meat or which cut will best suit what style of cooking, you will love her perspective.

“And you will also enjoy Grace’s anecdotes from her life as a butcher…a little about the woman behind the cookbook and the amazing people that have graced her table.  This really is so much more than just a cookbook…it’s a complete entertaining guide on how to entertain with grace.”


At $19.95 plus postage for the soft cover version,
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The Butcher Who Bakes Cookbook – Soft Cover

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Launch of The Butcher Who Bakes at Friends Restaurant, Hyatt Hotel

We are so thrilled to have launched the Butcher Who Bakes at Friends Restaurant at the Hyatt Hotel in Perth, Western Australia on 19 September 2011.

With 132 guests present, the night was an absolute success. A variety of guests attended including politicians, radio announcers, corporate executives, Agri-Food industry representatives, Grace’s family and friends.

With Bob Maumill kicking off the night in style, we were regaled with stories about Grace’s many years as a guest on both Curtin and 6PR Radio stations.  Dr Peter Harries loaned his weight to the night, entertaining everyone and sharing his new single, Gracie Mae, written in honour of Grace’s book launch.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and everyone left buzzing and armed with books!

Special thanks to Hugh Buttsworth and Philippe Signer from Stellar Visions for filming and putting this clip together for us.



If you’d like to get your copy of the butcher who bakes, head over to our shop now and make the most of our launch week special.  Prices will be returning to normal retail prices at the end of the week.

Do you know how to get really tender meat in your casseroles?

Grace's Rabbit Casserole

Grace's Rabbit Casserole, as seen in The Butcher Who Bakes

Well this is one of the first questions I put to Grace when we started discussing meats.  After all, I’m notorious for cooking casseroles with meat that tastes like leather!  Just ask my kids…no ask my hubby, cause he’s the one that snubs my casseroles when they are tough.

So this is what Grace had to say about cooking your beef so that it stays tender…

1.  Grace always coats the meat in flour.  She uses a plastic bag, adds in the flour and a little seasoning, then the meat and gives the bag and meat a bit of a shake, rattle and roll.

2.  She cooks her meat first on a high temp, sealing in the goodness.

3.  Then she reduces the heat and then adds in the vegetables and finally the moisture (stock etc).

So when it was time for me to make a casserole I followed Grace’s advice and I have to say it made a HUGE difference to the end product.

So next time you are cooking a casserole, try Grace’s ideas out.  I’d love to see a pic of the final product or hear about your results.  If you send us a pic I promise I’ll post it on the website and also on our Facebook Business page or better still, why don’t you pop over to Facebook and post us a pic on our wall. :)

It’s Official…Our Ads Will Be On 6PR week of 19th Sept

Bob Maumill, 6PR and Grace Maiolo

I can’t help but start to feel more than a little excited with just days until I hold the first copies of The Butcher Who Bakes in my hot little hands (special thanks to Vanguard Press) and also our radio campaign starts to wing it’s way onto the airways courtesy of 6PR Radio Station.

We are both like a couple of school girls on prom night…I know it’s an overused metaphor, but completely true…

We’ve been busy getting artwork ready for printing, ordering gift boxes for our casebound hard cover books and ribbons to make them look special.

Friends Restaurant is all in place, with Bob Maumill our official MC for the launch and Dr Peter Harries entertaining us with a rendition of the song he has written especially for Grace’s launch – have to say it does tend to get stuck in your head, so that makes it a good song, right?

We have Studio Classique coming to photograph the event and Stellar Visions will be filming the launch, so we’ll be able to show you pictures and a video of the night.  Can’t wait to see what Grace ends up settling on as an outfit…I know…boring girly stuff!

Then after the launch, we will have one week to charge our batteries before the big week at The Royal Show.  Grace will be doing cooking demos and selling copies of the book from the Meat Pavilion, so if you head down to the show, make sure you pop past and get Grace to sign a copy for you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the road.

Once again, special thanks to all our sponsors – 6PR, Canon Foods, Beaufort River Meats, Meat & Livestock Australia, Master Butchers Limited, L J Hooker Thornlie, and our private sponsors.

Can You Create A Restaurant Feel At Home?

Grace's Baked Figs

Grace's Baked Figs

“A Restaurant Feel At Home?  I’m Not a Chef You Know…”

In The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace shows us how to create a restaurant feel in your own home by using some easy presentation ideas that will have your guests thinking that you have been cooking for days.

Some of the things she covers is how to create those beautiful looking desserts that have the chocolate swirls, the icing sugar dusting and the syrups that make it all look and taste so delicious.

Then there is the overall appeal of the table, where she covers how important levels are in the presentation of your food and goes into great detail to explain how to create the different levels.

Publisher, Hayley Solich’s Experience at Grace’s Home:

I remember being hosted by Grace for my wedding anniversary.  Grace had invited my husband and I to come and stay overnight in her upstairs guest room.  Well I have to say how delighted we were from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.  It sincerely was like staying in a five star hotel.  Firstly, when we arrived the table was laid so beautifully…serviettes, placemates, unusually shaped bowls and plates (all white but creatively mix and matched), lovely fruit cocktails that were colourful to greet us and a three course meal to die for!

The food was seamless…no sooner had we finished one course than the next appeared.  I marvelled that a woman who is as busy as Grace could prepare all this food for us.

Then there was the spa room…beautifully candle-lit, with a tray of fruit cut up in bite sized pieces, with more fruit cocktails and heart shaped chocolates.

Then there was the upstairs guest room, with it’s beautiful towels, bathrobes, slippers and gifts waiting for us.  The heart chocolates and flowers were so beautiful.

What I learned through this one night at Grace’s house will stay with me for a lifetime.  When you take the time and effort to do a few small things…like having towels laid out on the bed or the table laid so beautifully, it really does send a message to your guest about how you feel about them.

However, it wasn’t until I started working on the book with Grace that I realised how she is able to do this.  It  is because she makes the most of pre-packaged foods that don’t compromise on nutrition, taste or presentation.  I sincerely could not have told the difference if I hadn’t been told because the food looked and tasted sensational.

In The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace shares the knowledge acquired through 35 years of hosting people, of cooking for them and catering.  There is so much wisdom to be learned from this book and already many are saying to me, “How clever.  I never thought of that.”

Purchase your copy now…a great Christmas or birthday gift…available in soft or hard cover.