Grace throws hat in the ring for Campbell’s Commercial

GraceCampbells are looking for a mature aged woman to star in their latest commercial and Grace has put her hand up.

We wait to see the outcome…

The commercial will be promoting Campbell’s stock.

Can you see Grace doing that?



Grace’s Semi-boneless Chicken Recipe featured in Golden Pen Magazine

Golden Pen Magazine May IssueGrace is very proud to have her recipe included in the latest issue of Golden Pen Magazine.

Other articles featured in Golden Pen’s May issue include:

* Stolen – An interview with Anuradha Koirala from Maiti Nepal, an organisation that rescues and restores women and children who are victims of Human Trafficking (sex slaves) and Domestic Violence.  $2 from the sale of each copy is being donated to Maiti Nepal to support the work in Nepal.

Solving the Justice Puzzle – An interview with Priscilla Collins, Telstra Business Woman of the Year 2011 (Community) and the CEO of NAAJA (North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency) where Golden Pen discovered first hand the plight of the Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory who are becoming victims of the justice system.  Priscilla doesn’t pull her punches in this all revealed, no bars held, article and she is not afraid to ask the hard questions and to make recommendations about how it could be done better.

* Painting Saved Me – Hon Ljiljanna Ravlich MP bares her soul and reveals the role painting played in maintaining her mental health as a politician.

Less is More – Interior Stylist, Karen Creith, reveals why less is more.

Hanging Out:  The Sad Face of Addiction – Pharmacist, Sue Crawford, explains the dangers of over the counter codeine based medications due to their addictive qualities.

A Strange Democracy – Nathan Quigley tackles the current political climate.

* Was Democracy a good God idea? – Hayley and Andrew Solich trace democracy back to it’s roots and Celebrity Apprentice’s Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickerson is quoted in this article, as he gave a timely commentary about the best form of government during the show in 4 May, 2012.

Playing a Bigger Game – Award winning business woman, Meredith Collins, reveals the woman behind the video marketing business.

The Unwitty Entrepreneur – Janene Samuel, creator of the Game Tag Ninetendo DS accessory talks patents and the lifestyle change experienced when inventing a new product and getting that product to market.

 Time:  Is it Your Friend or Enemy? – Hayley Solich examines the issue of limited time.

* Confessions of a Shopaholic – Jill Chivers bears her soul about her journey out of addiction to shopping.

* Change your Food Change Your Life – Dr Maya Nahra prepares us for lifestyle change.

* Nourishing Your Mind Part 2 – Dr Jenny Brockis continues her unveiling of the perfect road map for brain fitness.

How Simple is Too Simple? – Debbie Ducic asks us some hard and deep questions about the future and what it might look like.

* Are You Drowning in a Sea of Stuff? – Sara Hall gives us some tips on how to start to take charge of your home and get ordered.

To purchase your copy, visit Golden Pen Magazine.




Can You Create A Restaurant Feel At Home?

Grace's Baked Figs

Grace's Baked Figs

“A Restaurant Feel At Home?  I’m Not a Chef You Know…”

In The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace shows us how to create a restaurant feel in your own home by using some easy presentation ideas that will have your guests thinking that you have been cooking for days.

Some of the things she covers is how to create those beautiful looking desserts that have the chocolate swirls, the icing sugar dusting and the syrups that make it all look and taste so delicious.

Then there is the overall appeal of the table, where she covers how important levels are in the presentation of your food and goes into great detail to explain how to create the different levels.

Publisher, Hayley Solich’s Experience at Grace’s Home:

I remember being hosted by Grace for my wedding anniversary.  Grace had invited my husband and I to come and stay overnight in her upstairs guest room.  Well I have to say how delighted we were from the moment we arrived until the moment we left.  It sincerely was like staying in a five star hotel.  Firstly, when we arrived the table was laid so beautifully…serviettes, placemates, unusually shaped bowls and plates (all white but creatively mix and matched), lovely fruit cocktails that were colourful to greet us and a three course meal to die for!

The food was seamless…no sooner had we finished one course than the next appeared.  I marvelled that a woman who is as busy as Grace could prepare all this food for us.

Then there was the spa room…beautifully candle-lit, with a tray of fruit cut up in bite sized pieces, with more fruit cocktails and heart shaped chocolates.

Then there was the upstairs guest room, with it’s beautiful towels, bathrobes, slippers and gifts waiting for us.  The heart chocolates and flowers were so beautiful.

What I learned through this one night at Grace’s house will stay with me for a lifetime.  When you take the time and effort to do a few small things…like having towels laid out on the bed or the table laid so beautifully, it really does send a message to your guest about how you feel about them.

However, it wasn’t until I started working on the book with Grace that I realised how she is able to do this.  It  is because she makes the most of pre-packaged foods that don’t compromise on nutrition, taste or presentation.  I sincerely could not have told the difference if I hadn’t been told because the food looked and tasted sensational.

In The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace shares the knowledge acquired through 35 years of hosting people, of cooking for them and catering.  There is so much wisdom to be learned from this book and already many are saying to me, “How clever.  I never thought of that.”

Purchase your copy now…a great Christmas or birthday gift…available in soft or hard cover.


The dilemma…Do it yourself from scratch or buy ingredients that are pre-made?

“A recognised food professional who advocates purchasing pre-made products?  Can this be true?”

Canon Meatballs, Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Rice and Pre-Cooked Rice

Canon Meatballs, Kan Tong Sweet & Sour Rice and Pre-Cooked Rice

With all the positive health messages out there that trash fast food, it is no wonder that the general public might be confused about whether it is best to cook food from scratch or if it is okay to use pre-packaged foods.  After all, is it cheating to serve up a pre-packaged meal to your guests?

Grace Maiolo is a qualified butcher who has been working in the trade for over 40 years and has over 35 years of entertaining experiece.  Grace caters for weddings, business functions, funerals and family/friends functions as well, so has prepared thousands of meals for guests of all different levels of society.

In her book, The Butcher Who Bakes, Grace advocates for the use of “local, fresh, pre-made nutritious products” where you are time challenged or daunted by the prospect of starting from scratch.

No doubt this stance will raise eyebrows with food critics and experts who are on the all-natural is best train.  But according to Grace, unless we encourage our young people to start preparing food in their own kitchens we will not convince them to make the break from fast food options that are super quick and loaded with fats and sugars.  We need to provide them with quick and easy recipes that build their confidence and encourage them to entertain at home.

Grace’s philosophy is that if you can teach young people how to entertain with style, encouraging them to look for easy options that don’t compromise on the look and taste of the end product and are economical, helping them to build their confidence, you are going to build a love of cooking in them that will lead to them experimenting with food.  And once they start experimenting with food, the prospect of trying something from scratch will not be as daunting.

The Butcher Who Bakes is the quintessential guide to entertaining and contains recipes that do use pre-made products that are tried and tested where practical.  It is designed specifically for the time poor or inexperienced cook with the goal of helping to show them how easy it is to entertain with style.  It also demonstrates how easy it is to plate your food so that it has that restaurant feel.

See blog… “Can you create a Restaurant Feel in Your Own Home?  I’m not a chef you know!”