Grace’s recipe appears in Golden Pen Magazine!

Grace's Tiramasu Recipe

My famous and delicious Tiramasu Recipe

I am delighted to be contributing to Golden Pen Magazine, an online magazine that seeks to pass on wisdom that all may experience a higher level of abundance.  This issue is very special, as it features the International GYN Awareness Day and many inspirational stories of Resilience and suicide prevention.  As we all know this week there was the Suicide Prevention Day and it is important that we are looking after those around us and asking are they okay.

Golden Pen Magazine Issue 4, 2012 - Resilience

So grab a copy of the magazine from or  It is only $4.95 and includes the stories of people who have overcome so many things like rejection, post-natal depression, the grief of losing a child, cancer, MS, brain tumours and relationship betrayal.

Thank you to Hayley Solich, Publishing Editor of Golden Pen Magazine and the team for giving me this opportunity to share my recipes.  You can also find the recipes in my book, “The Butcher Who Bakes” and you can purchase a copy from my online shop or come into Foodworks Forrestfield.

Grace published in Golden Pen Magazine

Front CoverGrace’s recipe Fettuccine Pasta Bake has been featured in Golden Pen Magazine’s Issue 1, 2012.

Grace will be contributing to the magazine on a regular basis.

Here is a preview of the video that appears inside the magazine.

Grace’s recipe appears alongside Dr Jenny Brockis article, “Nourishing Your Mind” and Barbara Kendell’s article, “Gladiator Rebel’s 4 mins Happy Routines”.